Create the kitchen you always dreamed of

When it comes to understated kitchen-based improvements Granite Transformations has every area covered; there’s simply no need for a total overhaul. Refacing worktops, replacing old cabinet doors or adding a splashback can leave your existing kitchen design looking better than ever and it won’t cost you a fortune to do it either.

The kitchen area is one of the important and overly used areas in the home so it makes perfect sense to keep it bang on trend.

Why not also go the extra mile and cap off your cabinets with waterfall ends or introduce a central island as an added focal point. Don’t forget splashbacks too for creating a colour effect that catches the eye.

  • Giving your kitchen a cutting edge

    What’s hugely unique about our work surfaces is just how slim their profile is but there may be some people out there who seek a heftier edge to their worktop. Leave it to Granite Transformations to produce a thicker edging profile and if you so wish we can even lengthen it to suit your unit.

    Our team of fabricators can work to any sort of brief so if you need a rounded shaped worktop that’s exactly what you will get.


  • So much lighter than natural or engineered stone

    Don’t be deceived by the lightness of our worktops; they offer a similar level of performance to worktops crafted using natural or engineered stone. A huge amount of effort is put into the production process which ensures their power and undoubted toughness. The lightweight feel of our work surfaces makes transportation of them to your home very light work.

    Completion of fitting will take a small fraction of the time it would take to install a traditionally built work surface. 

  • Displaying exceptional technical ability

    The inclusion of high grade polyester in each quartz, granite and recycled work surface is what helps make our products different to anything else. Not only does it make them incredibly tough, but it also enables them to withstand any form of spillage, scratching or stain.

    A lifetime warranty is provided with all work surfaces such is our belief in their ability to resist temperatures up to a very high level and endure whatever else happens to be thrown at them.