• Kitchen Flooring

    Hard flooring from Granite Transformations is the easiest way to bring the durability and strength of their work surfaces down to the floor. The Hard flooring is available in both Tile and Plank format and is equipt with a slip-resistant finish.

  • Bathroom Makeovers

    Non-porous and slip resistant flooring is essential for any bathroom. Fortunately the Hard Flooring offered by Granite Transformations meets this criteria perfectly, all while bringing luxury and elegance to your bathroom.

  • Hard Flooring Throughout the Home

    Whether it is a utility room, dining room or a bedroom,  the high quality Hard Flooring from Granite Transformations will support the weight of whatever you need it to. Whether you use it in a secluded part of your home or in a heavy traffic room, your flooring will always look as good as it did the day you bought it.