• Kitchen Worktops

    The work surfaces offered by Granite Transformations will perfectly compliment any kitchen in any home. All of the work surfaces are heat, scratch and stain resistant so your kitchen will look as great as it did on the day you bought it for years to come.

  • Bathroom Counter Tops

    We all know that whenever you put something in the bathroom it will get covered in water and bubbles. Fortunately the work surfaces from Granite Transformations will not get water damaged, so whether you bathing the dog or the baby you don’t need to fear for your new bathroom.

  • Worktops For The Home

    Whether you’re in the utility room or in the office, you can count on Granite Transformations work surfaces to hold up to any challenge. Due to its lightweight nature Granite Transformations work surfaces can be used anywhere weight is an issue, due to its wipe clean nature it is also virtually maintenance free.