Neutral Colour Work Surfaces

Cream and beige share many aesthetic differences, but when brought together can create the most beautiful of finishes. Employing cream-beige into your kitchen or bathroom colour arrangement will transform it into the cool and tranquil environment that any contemporary householder aspires to own. Blending the fresh appearance of white, with elements of brown, is a colour combination that screams class and has an infinite charm about it. It can be incorporated in just about any way imaginable.

The 15 variations of our neutral colours collection

  • beige supremo

    Beige Supreme

  • Bianco Modena

  • bianco spizzio

    Bianco Spizzio

  • cream luna

    Crema Luna

  • cristallino copper

    Cristallino Copper

  • cristallino white

    Cristallino White

  • fire beige

    Fire Beige

  • Hydra White

  • perla bianca

    Perla Bianca

  • perla dsabbia

    Perla Di Sabbia

  • polar ice

    Polar Ice

  • Royal Ivory

  • sabbia doro

    Sabbia D'Oro

  • Sierra Nevada

  • white star

    White Star

  • Delivering a consistent performance

    Our worktops are so strong they can withstand a bowling ball being dropped directly onto them. This means that your kitchen will be able to handle anything that it needs to. All of our worktops are scratch, chemical and heat resistant so all you need to do is enjoy your new kitchen.

    Our worktops are also non-porous so any spills can be easily wiped away without damaging your work surfaces. Our worktops will protect your kitchen so that it looks as good as it did on the first day you bought it for years to come.

    Features of our products

  • Waterfall edges and stylish island units

    Our work surfaces are renowned for their smooth finishes and seamless joints but if you need something with more substance we can help. We can adjust the thickness of our worktops to help you get the perfect worktop for your kitchen. We can even extend the end of the worktop all the way to the floor to create a stylish island unit or create a waterfall edge.

    No matter what you need your new worktop to do we can help you find your perfect match and create your dream kitchen.

    Features of our products

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