Change your home’s outlook

It isn’t all kitchens and bathrooms at Granite Transformations, no room in your home should be left unloved and neglected. We have products that can be assimilated into utility and laundry rooms and all those other important living areas. We can turn our hands to just about anything.

If there’s any part of your home that rarely gets used then have a think about using it in some way and taking advantage of our flooring and cladding possibilities. Away from the home, yachts, canal boats, caravans and horseboxes can also benefit from our agglomerate material.

Anyone undertaking a brand new commercial building development or commercial restoration project can also count on Granite Transformations in Colchester & Ipswich.

  • Lighter than you’d imagine

    The application of weighty worktops in yachts, caravans, canal boats, cruisers and motorhomes just wouldn’t work. Heavy countertops are also no good when remodelling conservatories, treehouses and workshops. You need a worktop that’s sufficiently lightweight and our solutions offer exactly that.

  • Delectable designs

    What singles out a Granite Transformations work surface from any other is the depth and standard of design. We’re continuously coming up with inventive designs that get people excited when they see them. The broadness of our designs means that you will discover suitable countertops for destinations inside and outside.

  • A highly skilled team

    We pride ourselves on our professionalism. When speaking to any consultant at Granite Transformations Tees Valley you will be struck by how friendly and knowledgeable they are. We love going the extra mile for our customers and making sure that they get a worktop solution that provides immense satisfaction.